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Super Stick is known for its high initial tack when placing the unit. It holds strong but removes easily with little residue. It works best with Poly units as it does have some shine. This is a stiff tape, making it easier to work with. The liner is white but the actual tape is clear.

Extended Wear (1 – 2 weeks) tapes are great for people who need something more than just for day to day wear, but who are also not looking for the longest bond either. This is a popular type of tape because many people re-apply their units in under 2 weeks.

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ROLL 1/2’’ x 3Y, ROLL 3/4’’ x 3Y, ROLL 1’’ x 3Y, ROLL 1/2’’ x 12Y, ROLL 3/4’’ x 12Y, ROLL 1’’ x 12Y, ROLL 1/2’’ x 36Y, ROLL 3/4’’ x 36Y, ROLL 1’’ x 36Y, CONTOUR A 36 Pieces, CONTOUR AA 36 Pieces, CONTOUR C 36 Pieces, CONTOUR CC 36 Pieces, STRAIGHT STRIPS 1/2’’ x 3’’, STRAIGHT STRIPS 3/4’’ x 3’’, STRAIGHT STRIPS 1’’ x 3’’